Newlife exists because if it was your child, you would want the very best for them

Active Medical Research

Below are the details of the ongoing research that Newlife is funding. We offer two types of grants - Full and Start Up.

Full Grants

Date Research Area Institution
21-Jan-2016 Bladder Exstrophy St Mary's Hospital
21-Jan-2016 Gene therapy ciliary dyskinesis UCL Institute of Child Health
21-Jan-2016 Melanocytic Naevus Syndrome UCL Institute of Child Health
21-Jan-2016 Muscular Dystrophy - neural defects in neurones UCL Institute of Child Health
21-Jan-2016 Therapy for congenital neuropathy of bladder University of Manchester
25-Mar-2015 Leukoencephalopathy Calcifications and Cysts University of Manchester

Start Up Grants

Date Research Area Institution
16-Mar-2016 Childhood Blindness (cone-rod dystrophy) Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Foundation Trust
16-Mar-2016 Epidermolysis Bullosa - skin formation Blizard Institute
16-Mar-2016 Lung malformation registry University of Southampton
16-Mar-2016 Management of short bowel University of Oxford
16-Mar-2016 Motor Neurone Disease The Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
16-Mar-2016 MYT1L and Intellectual Disability Sheffield Children's Hospital
16-Mar-2016 Necrotizing Enterocolitis University of Cambridge
16-Mar-2016 Retinal dystrophies screening tool UCL Institute of Child Health
16-Mar-2016 SO16 6YD Great Ormond Street Hospital
16-Mar-2016 Treatment of Craniosynostosis UCL Institute of Child Health
16-Mar-2016 Treatment of Neurofibromatosis University of Manchester
21-Jan-2016 Non-ketotic Hyperglycinemia UCL Institute of Child Health
21-Jan-2016 Sensorineural hearing loss University of Exeter Medical School
26-Oct-2015 Inherited Bone Fragility Sheffield Children's Hospital
26-Oct-2015 Prevalence of selected childhood conditions Institute of Health and Society

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